Molecular Biology is a very young biological discipline and has a very short history. Certain notable accomplishments of Molecular Biologists are listed below -

1928 F. Grifith – discovered
phenomenon of transformation in bacteria

1934 M. Schlesinger –
bacteriophase composed of DNA & protein

1941 G.W. Beadle & E.L. Tatum –
classical studies regard to biochemical genetics of Nurospora 

1944 O.T. Avery, C.M. MacLeod,
& M. McCarthy – DNA is a heredity chemical

1948 A. Boivin, R. Vendrely &
C. Vendrely – quantity of DNA in each haploid set of chromosome is constant

1950 E. Chargaff – Adenine = Thiamine & Guanine = Cytosine

1952 A.D. Hershey & M. Chase
– demonstrate, only DNA of T2 bacteriophage enters the host cell but protein remains outside

1953 J.D. Watson & F.H.C.
Crick – proposed double helical structural model of DNA

1956 A. Gierer & G. Schramm –
demonstrated that RNA is a genetic material of Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV)

1957 H.F. Contrat & B. Singer
– produced hybrid RNA viruses and also confirmed that RNA is a genetic material
in some viruses

Meselson & Franklin W. Stahl – performed a density gradient experiment
using 15N isotopes to confirm the semiconservative theory of
replication of Watson and Crick

1958 G. Beadle & E. Tatum
received Nobel Prize for their contribution in biochemical genetics of Neurospora.

          J. Laderberg – received Nobel
Prize for the discovery of bacterial recommendation

1959 R.L. Sinsheimer – isolated single
stranded DNA of Ø-X 174

Ochoa & A. Kornberg – received Nobel Prize for artificial synthesis of
nucleic acids

1961 M.W. Nirenberg & J.H.
Matthaei – cracked mRNA code

Crick & his colleagues - Genetic language is made of three letters (i.e., triplet codon)

Jacob & J. Monod – Operon concept

1962 J. Watson & F. Crick; M.
Wilkens – received Nobel Prize for the discovery of molecular nature of DNA

1963 J.P. Waller – 1/2th
of all proteins of E. coli have the
amino acid methionine in the N-terminal


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