As per the research and screening there are no definitive tests for ADHD.

The screening methods depend on the symptoms of ADHD and a few other things that the patient is going through. These include the psychological tests, interviews of the patients and their family members by the professional.

Psychological tests are done for attention span, orientation, intelligence and working memory. Brain scans are also done to check for other medical problems that could be the cause of ADHD.

The screening is done by the physician based on the symptoms reported by the patient. It is supplemented by a close questioning of the patient, with attention towards duration and severity of the symptoms.

An effective screening may also include IQ tests, neuropsychological tests and behavioral rating scales.

If any of these tests are positive, then the physician will refer the patient to an expert neurologist.

A systematic approach to screening ADHD is Vanderbilt ADHD diagnostic parent rating scale.

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